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Client MY Judith
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Engineer’s report, including;
On board Identified Depth transducers under Bunks in Cabins Port Cabin Fwd Transducer is the Fly Bridge Depth
Stbd Cabin. the Aft /In board transducer is the Wheel house Depth Sounder, Tested Depth Instrument with Spare Transducer and I can hear the TX tick, Can’t confirm for receive side of operation Boat is out of the water so we can’t test by dropping the transducer into the water Attempted to remove Speed insert from transducer but was afraid I was going to break the plastic so I stopped. AWI , Mast head is disconnected, Cant test much with no cable and plug, I made some resistance checks but this really showed me nothing I Dis assembled Mast head Wind speed cups and Vain for Shipping Capt. Mitch is shipping the 2 Depth Instruments, 1 AWI Display, with Mast head to ray marine for service Monday, Hope to have both Transducers Pulled and Mitch will send me photos so I can Confirm with Airmar for replacement old dual Speed and 200khz Depth Bronze 8 inch x 2 Inch Transducer/ fairing Bloc.