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Lady Linda Service Report

Project Info

Client Lady Linda
Skills General Skills

Project Description

AIS , Radar, ECDIS

Stereo Speaker Galley TV ON File

(a) Symptoms reported/work required: Gyro Speed Error Correction Error on Control Display, AIS Radar,& ECDIS commission ships Static Data

(b) Engineer’s report, including;  STD 22 Gyro operator display is showing Speed Error Correction Fault went to each Gyro and Found SE led is not lit in each master gyro, in the Gyro set up I change settings for essential operating modes to ddUY with connected Data Distribution Unit Now both Master Gyro’s have the SE led lit. and the operator display fault is cleared. Commissioned the AIS both Radars Displays & ECDIS  for antenna & conning station locations and off sets Re installed Stereo Speaker in the overhead in the Sky lounge Assist Bob with the Crew galley TV to make the receiver work with TV Remote to get all video functions to work in the Crew galley Assist Bob with Creston controls and set up of Disco lights on top deck, and TV’s threw out the boat cabins and galleys.