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Client MY Freedom
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Symptoms reported/work required: Sea trail Navigation Equipment installed

    Engineer’s report;   On board Checked Transas Autopilot Interface, Found Transas Has no License for Track Steering. Set up Autopilot Sperry 1500 for Nav Steering from Transas using APB NMEA 0183 sentence, At dock side and while under way we tested NAV operation with the Autopilot. The Sperry Pilot is receiving Bearing to waypoint and is steering to the Waypoint.( This is not to be mistaken for Track Steering, there is a difference between Nav Mode / Track Mode. The AP 1500 does not support Track steering mode see below further explanation).The Steering system Has 2 mechanical Mode Switches you have to use to change modes of Steering operation. The track Pilot Radar is no longer sending Data to the pilot for Track/ Nav steering mode as the vessel has not renewed its Licence for this operation with SAM Electronics L3. I checked the SAM ARPA operation and found it is working properly in North UP, Course Up & Head Up operation Obtaining and tracking targets in ARPA Mode, AIS Targets; The radars and Transas ECDIS is only receiving gyroheading data when the Navitwin III is selected for gyro #1, no heading data when gyro #2 or magnetic heading is selected at the Navitwin. The STBD.Radar /ARPA Display has no audio Alarm for Warnings & Alarm conditions and should be looked into to find out why the audio alarm is not given when a visual Alarm is present. The vessel has Dual Navigat X MK I gyro system with SOU and Navitwin III. According to the vessel drawings the Navitwin was originally installed as a Navidata and only with #1 Gyro. Not a compass monitor, later in time a second Navigat X MK I has been installed. Went through the set ups of both Gyros CDU and the Navitwin III. I found the Navitwin is not switching the output data of the SOU of the second Gyro to the repeaters, ARPA’s Transas ECDIS. I also found that the Navitwin is not connected to the steering mode switch to prevent you from switching from gyro 1 to gyro 2 while in Autopilot mode of operation, this should be looked into and verify connection that should be made between the Navitwin III and the steering mode switch to prevent the operator from switching the heading input while in Autopilot mode. Further work is needed to investigate the complete gyro system components setup configuration, each conductor connection and jumper connections in each unit in the system between Gyro 1, Gyro 2, the SOU and the Navitwin III, there must be conductors/ jumpers that are missing or not connected correct that is preventing full operating function of the gyro system. Checked gyro heading while entering the port everglades with bearing range lights for 270 deg. Looks to be within /10 of a degree. Returned to Port and disembarked via the tender back to the dock.